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Life is too short to take things seriously. We had a little fun with this emoji-fiesta inspired birthday this past weekend. It all started with a few balloons, some festive eats and a cupcake idea. Read on for more deets....!
Father's Day is fast approaching and so we wanted to help in the search for some ideas for that great Dad in your life. These are tailored to the modern Dad, one that appreciates a quality item or two. Have a look at our picks and let us know what you think!
Who doesn't love being spoiled once in awhile and what a great excuse on Mother's day! :) Read on to read our personal picks of our fav's for Mother's day ideas.
Big or little, Valentine's Day can be fun for everyone especially when you don't take it too seriously. A lot of people despise the holiday - thinking it is too commercial. Prices are jacked up on flowers, and there is pressure for people to do "something". Well, our advice is to not take it too seriously. It's thoughtful to just give a cute card and say to someone that you thought they were cool, rad, or whatever they may be. Read on for 14 ways to be inspired by Valentines day!
This is not your average monster party! RAWR! We wanted to do a monster party with a modern twist. We love the geometric trend right now. It is fun yet chic. Most of the party had a mix of geometrics - hexagons & triangles. Read on to see what else we did with this theme!
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