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About Us

We do it for the love of coordinating, entertaining and the all around love of things that are pretty.

It’s about the courage to try and the idea of learning something new and to never say “never”. It’s so easy to let pretty co-ordinated lifestyle blogs get the better of you...or Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We've felt it and we hope when you visit us at Elle o Elle you feel optimistic and empowered and not discouraged! Life’s too busy and important to feel discouraged about the small things.

If we can ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and PROMOTE each other to just “try” we’ve reached our goal at Elle o Elle.

It’s not all "bells and whistles", it’s real life in suburbia, with real stories and real stuff, no fancy magic tricks here. Our hope is to show you where to buy things and what you think you’ll never find at a cost that's feasible. It’s a constant battle of what the next project is, and how do we do it with what we have?!

We wear many hats...

Mom,wife, maid,cook,crafter, sewer, designer, party planner, party prep, furniture painter, sports coordinator, hair accessory maker, baker, chauffeur…it's never ending. Time often escapes us but that’s why our “meet and make” parties are how we carve out time to get what’s important in our creative mind space completed!


  • Mommy, wife, daughter, sister, crafter, party planner, maker of random stuff, sewer, painter, queen of creating random stuff (her husband would say she's a starter of everything…)
  • Bachelor of Applied Design and Technology in Fashion
  • procrastinator
  • deal hunter
  • dreamer
  • constantly coordinating
  • control seeker
  • life motto - "make life they way you imagine it to be”



  • Mom, wife, exec & a get 'er done kind of woman
  • was about to go into fashion design before joining a start up 13 years ago and now leads a customer success team at a tech company
  • loves to learn, teach and inspire others to make things
  • wannabe graphic designer
  • was pleased to hear she was having a boy just to be able to go on a search for the worlds cutest boy clothes (ok well one of the reasons...but there is a serious shortage compared to girl options)
  • admittingly posts to instagram at least once a day (yes, an addict, especially when it comes to photography and photos)
  • wife & momma to two kiddies - they help inspire and remind her of the love to constantly learn and make things.



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