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DIY Yarn Art Table Runner

A table runner can make such a difference to a tablescape. We've got a project for you today that uses yarn, nails, paint & wood. It is one of those projects you can really get into and even better change it up as much as you want throughout the year. For this project, we've created it for Beckett's modern geometric Monster party. It uses all the colours in our theme -mint, neon yellow, grey and black & white.

We love a good project that also has potential for other uses as well. We already have plans in our heads to change up the colours come Christmas. Just imagine...an outdoorsy red & grey plaid. We'll have to try that next.

Here's how to make your own Yarn Art Table Runner:


  • Piece of Wood
  • Paint
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Yarn colours of your choice!

Now, get to it in FIVE easy steps!

1. Measure your table and find a scrap of wood that fits along the length of your table. I like to not make it too wide so I can focus on special items on the runner, and then fit food items or plates around it. For this party, I just grabbed a $7 piece of wood from Home Depot.

2. Paint the wood to the colour of your choice. The world is your oyster here. I decided to go with some Coventry Grey I had on hand from Benjamin Moore. I also was tempted to do this in chalkboard paint but I wanted something a bit lighter this time. I only did one coat and didn't even bother with the bottom.

3. Get some nails and start hammering these along the side of the runner. You could get all fancy and measure but really I would just follow along the line of the wood. You could also get super fancy and put additional nails in the middle of the wood but functionality wise I wanted to be able to put items on it so the nails would prevent me from being able to do that. You want your nails to go in about half way into the wood, and make sure you are using nails that are the right length for your wood!

4. Next up, grab your yarn and start creating! I did a small knot at each end and then started making a geometric pattern as I went across and around each nail. You can't go wrong here...!

5. Trim the ends of the yarn where you knotted, place it on your table or wherever you want it and decorate away!

If you try this definitely tag us at @elleoelleco!

Happy Making!

Also pictured above is a Mason Jar painted in Pistachio Fat Paint purchased from Handpicked Home & the succulent is from Floralista Flower Studio in Fort Langley, BC.

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