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Geometric Modern Monster Party

Who doesn't love a fun-loving monster party!? RAWR!

This party had a modern colour scheme with a fun twist. We were inspired by the combination of mint, grey, black, white & pops of neon yellow. This party was also featured on Kara's Party Ideas.

We love imaginary play, and we thought it would be fun to dream up a "Eye-Scream" cart. Years ago we made a market for the kids and since then this has been converted at every party! We had play ice cream, cups & popsicles. The wheels to make this "cart-like" we just borrowed from a running stroller and these were attached with yarn.

Now for the food...

When making cookies for a party, if you are making them yourself you will thank yourself ten times over if you choose a simple design to stick to. These are made with the sugar cookie & royal icing recipes from Alison's Cookie party. If you haven't checked out her cookie party yet you are missing out. It feels like she is in your kitchen with you as you whip these up - dance breaks and all!

The backdrop was a mix of scrapbook paper in mint, grey, white & neon yellow hexagons. These were cut out by hand and put up with double sided tape. It may look like it was hard to do but really it was easy!

The cake was made by Leah's Cake Creations. We wanted a modern twist to a cake but one that wouldn't look too busy with the backdrop. Inside the cake was black & white cake with root beer buttercream. YUM!

We topped off the cake with some easy hand-made cake toppers. These were print-outs that were glue-gunned to striped straws. You can also check out how we made the wood & yarn table runner here. Below is the cake we used to do some smash the cake pics prior to the party.

Beckett's cute "1" t-shirt was from Whistle & Flute. His leggings worked perfectly as well for our theme. Little B's and monsters from Cotton On US. We also made some matching monster labels for the milk jar bottles (pictured above on the right).

The food was decorated with hand-made speech bubble toothpicks or candy eye-balls. The toothpicks were so easy - we designed and printed these out and just glued these to toothpicks and put throughout. We like a bit of variety too - so they were a mix of words such as RAWR, Yum, Monster & Hide!

We like to have a little fun with our guests so we also printed out a speech bubble for the bathroom that said "Have a seat"!

The fruit & the cheese even got eyeballs. The ones below are Wilton, but we also discovered these Japanese fun-eyes that we'll be able to use in the kid's lunches after the party.

On the one wall we dreamt up this DIY geometric picture holder. It was made with a few nails and some matching yarn to the theme. We had Fox Prints for each month of the birthday boy's first year and pinned these with mini clothes pins. This project turned out so cute and we switched up the yarn come Christmas and post-Christmas so it's the wall decor that keeps on giving...!

While we fed the adults we felt that the "mini-monsters" deserved their own spread. After all, this was a one-year-old birthday party so Beckett's friends deserved the royal treatment! We had a mix of goldfish, puffs, animal crackers and more laid out for the babies to get their hands on.

Custom colouring sheets are always fun, and we had some supplies on hand to make some paper bag monsters.

We had two versions of goodie bags. One for the littles, and then one for the bigger kids. The little kids had a Target monster cup, a custom made bandana bib, bubbles, stickers, a geometric monster cookie and monster finger tattoos. The big kids had some of the same goodies but also some monster socks, glow in the dark play-doh and some monster goop!

The kiddies also got to "Adopt a Monster" to take home as well. Each one also came with an adoption certificate.

Lastly, we had a monster size pin the eye on the monster! We designed and just printed it out via the blueprint printer at Staples. We hung it up behind a glass door so then the kids could just re-attach the eye and not damage the monster.

What do you think? Do you like our take on a modern monster party? Our birthday boy was very happy. Special thanks to the talented Clayton Ulmer Photography for all the great pics!

This party is also featured at Kara's Party Ideas. Click here to check it out.

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