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Tea for Two with LEGO Friends

Can't find the perfect theme for your next party? Well sometimes the secret is to take two themes and mesh them together. This is what I did for the Lego Friends Tea Party. My daughter Sage was turning five, and two of her favourite things were tea parties and lego friends. Once we looked at the LEGO friends colour palette we could use the ideas started flowing right away.

A few months before the party we started to gather items that matched the colour scheme. Have trouble knowing where to start? Well, I usually start with looking at what I have to use. Then what I need for one of the focal points such as the backdrop, and then what items I need to really shout out the theme and make it apparent. Activities are also important in a kids party so after that we started dreaming up what we would want to do at the party that would also tie into the theme. We had tons of ideas so we decided to give the combo-theme a go!

The first challenge was actually finding anything LEGO friends for a reasonable price. I'm not going to lie there wasn't much. There are no Lego Friends smaller sticker packs, building sets or even paper plates and cups with the LEGO friends characters on them. In the end, we made do and had a couple tips on how to save money when there isn't much out there. Trust us to always come up with a theme that requires a good search...

My choice for the backdrop was a DIY Paper Pinwheel Project (tutorial here). In the end, it turned out awesome, and I was so glad I did it.

The cake by the way was initially going to be a Naked Cake, but of course after several "practice" cakes I ended up doing a last minute Plan B icing effort. Don't think the naked cake is easy folks (and yes everyone has Pinterest fails!), it takes work to make it look good and stand up! Thank you to this wonderful You Tube tutorial for this buttercream icing technique. What would we do without YouTube??

The most fun part was coming up with the activities for the kids. No tea party was complete without a little dress-up so prior to the party we created each little girl a one-of-a-kind fascinator. They were a spin-off from the backdrop using the same paper for mini rosettes and then just embellishing with beads, buttons, russian veil and/or feathers.

We already had a market & kitchen for the kids so we turned this into a Tea Shop with sweets & other imaginary play. No tea shop is complete without some cute little aprons too. I was inspired by the aprons at the Portland Children's museum. By the way if you are in Portland and have littles, definitely take them by there.

We also had colouring sheets & stickers to play with while the kids got their faces painted.

Lastly, food was tea-party treats such as mini sandwiches, croissants & jam, cupcakes and of course...macarons. I also had some of my party staples - a big spread of veggies, fruit, crackers and cheese. We had fruit water and the adults used vintage tea cups for tea & the kids had mini-tea cups set-up in the playroom. I found kids tea at Home Sense of all places and they were super excited to have their own "real tea".

The kiddies went home with a LEGO Friends book, and personalized boxes with a mini-tea set, washi tape, building blocks & a bunch of fun gel pens, crayons & chalk. We painted the clipboards with chalkboard paint & designed colouring sheets that were LEGO as well as Tea Party inspired. Each bag also had a pretend doughnut in a paper bag, a necklace and each little girl got to take home their fascinator. We limited the number of girls to this party so we could do quality over quantity, but boy do I love a good goodie bag.

In the end it was a great day of festive fun. Sage's "LEGO Friends" loved it, and more importantly we loved building and creating something fun not only for the birthday girl but for our family & friends.

Here's where most of our party items were from:

  • Confetti & Sparkle Party Shop - Birthday girl birch cake topper
  • Michaels - Washi Tape, Pink Pencil boxes (they were a steal at $1.50!),White Bags & Paper flowers
  • Chapters Indigo - LEGO Friends books (they were on sale so I couldn't resist!)
  • Dollar Store - Doilies, Wrapping paper for backdrop, Clipboards (I already had Chalkboard Paint on hand), Candlesticks to make mini tier-plates out of the mini-Ikea plates (just use spray paint & glue), Streamers for tea for two corner, Necklaces, Balloons
  • Dresssew - Geometric fabric for table runners on each table
  • Ikea - Mini glass tea-cup sets for kids tea party, large "Doily Like" metal plates (they are found in the Candle/Garden section), Glass Milk Bottles for flower vases
  • Mastermind Toys- one LEGO Friends sticker activity book to use for signage, goodie bags & play
  • Home Sense- Wrapping paper for backdrop, "To-Go" floral tea cups
  • Target - Multi-colour building bricks, Tea & Doughnut Sets for Goodie Bags, Balloons
  • Cotton On - Typo Light Box (pictured in front of backdrop with "Happy Birthday Sage")
  • Spruce Collective- Mint Tier Plate
  • Voodoo Doughnuts, Cupcakes & Blacksmith bakery- yup we saved your to-go boxes and used them for our pretend sweet shop!

Want to see what other ideas I was inspired by and/or ran out of time to attempt? Check out my Pinterest board with all the ideas.

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