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DIY Paper Pinwheel Backdrop

A backdrop is an important element in any party. If you are picture lovers like us, you won't regret having a backdrop to photograph!

Here are some backdrops to inspire you...all of which are DIY. All you have to do is choose your poison...i.e. the main materials for your backdrop whether it be tissue, streamers, prints or paper.

Check out this mint, gold & grey geometric backdrop featured on Kara's Party Ideas. The colour scheme first off is super chic, but the simplicity of it makes this look truly stunning. This backdrop (and theme for that matter!!) also gets extra points for being truly unique.

I'm a huge fan of The Alison's Show's ideas. She is a woman of many talents, one of which is an awesome backdrop or two. Here's one from a woodland birthday. She's not afraid to mix elements and uses streamers, bunting, garlands and more.

Here's another great backdrop from @justbellablog that @cindyconfettisparkle posted on Instagram! Love the simple addition of greenery to these balloons.

One backdrop that is beyond easy and completely do-able for most people is the paper rosette backdrop as seen in our Lego Friend's Tea Party post.

Here's a few other parties that other peeps have dreamt up.

Swank Social did a bow-tie first birthday party. The black & white with a mix of patterns looks great.

The Sweetest Occasion did a beautiful brunch with a rosette backdrop.

Here's the instructions on how to get started for your very own backdrop.


  • Wrapping or Scrapbooking Paper - hint the larger the rosettes you are doing the more paper you'll need! I typically find wrapping paper anywhere from the Dollar store to Home Sense. Most of Home Sense's wrapping paper was thick and was super durable when making the fans.
  • Good ol' glue gun
  • Backing - I used one of the white cardboard presentation folders from the dollar store to mount my rosettes on
  • Hooks for hanging

Instructions and Elle o Elle Tips & Tricks:

  1. Pick your colour scheme
  2. Find your paper
  3. Do a trial rosette - cut out a strip of wrapping paper and then accordion fold
  4. Fold the folded paper in half & spread it out
  5. Create four of these to glue-gun each "fan" together to create full rosette - I really liked the rosettes to be full when they spread out but you could do three "fans" technically vs. four
  6. Lay out your rosettes on a big table and start layering them until you are happy with the positioning
  7. Once you are happy with the look, just glue gun these to the backing of your choice. I also cut up toilet paper rolls and glue gunned these to hold some of the rosettes that had to hang out a bit farther. This also helps you save time so you aren't creating the perfect size rosettes just to be a hidden under a layer.

Here are some great tutorials that I referenced that have pictures and are step-by-step. My recommendation is to just use the glue-gun for attaching the fans (I tried the stapler method and it didn't lie as nicely), and don't kill yourself trying to do the math to figure out the perfect circumference. If you hate math like me I would just try a few and create a few templates to go by as you go!

Happy backdrop-making! Seriously, it may look hard but you can do it! OR, we won't judge...these backdrops can be pre-made just for your hanging. Check out party shops like The Swank Social, and Kara's party ideas. They sell the rosettes or even the entire backdrops all put together for you.

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