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Sew Sweet....Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!

Ainsley's Sew Sweet Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!

It's Lalaloopsy Land at our house these days! It was a no brainer for my almost 4 year old to choose a Lalaloopsy Party. I won't lie, I was thrilled with her choice and super excited to get thinking of all the ideas for her party. I adore those sweet little dolls just as much as she does!

So many fun ideas came to mind for this Sew Sweet Lalaloopsy Party. The creators of these adorable characters have thought of everything. There are just so many options to build a theme around with those cute little characters.

For us, we started with one of my daughters favourite characters: Pixie Flutters (pictured below with that amazing Lime Green hair). Pixie provided a great colour palette, bright pink, light pink, turquoise and lime green. I wanted to incorporate some sewing inspired decor items to follow the theme of what Lalaloopsy is all about, yarn balls, buttons, and ribbons.

I also decided on a craft to do with the kids that would use the tiny Lalaloopsy figurines. Each child worked on their own special necklace. It was a huge hit and the necklaces turned out so cute. The kids took them home with their goodie bag. Kids love taking home goodies from a party and I truly believe that birthdays should be about giving all around! I love having kids leave with as much as they came with, it's an important part of a party for me.

Birthday Budgets are always top of mind for me and I try my hardest to use what I have and not over spend on supplies. I feel like you can find some AMAZING party supplies at the Dollar stores these days. I start and end my shopping at the Dollar Store. We have so many amazing ones to use locally, a few of my Favs are Dollarama, Dollar Tree, Dollar and Cents and Canadian Dollar. A large part of what you see below was purchased at a Dollar Store.

And then there was cake! I'm very fortunate that my mom is an unbelievable cake maker & decorator. She #nailedit with these perfect cakes!

If you are doing the same theme, we hope you are inspired by these ideas!

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