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The Dollhouse

"The Dollhouse"

I have always loved dollhouses and had began pinning adorable/unique dollhouses on Pinterest....I quickly found the perfect one and was adamant that I was going to make one for my daughter. I was convinced that I had a skill set that could easily accomplish constructing a "Dollhouse Kit" from scratch. Of course I could do it, and make it perfect and design each room as cute as I could possibly imagine at a third of the cost of what the Pottery Barn sells their dollhouse for. Totally realistic, right???? Well, let's just say this baby was a Labour of Love....I honestly felt like I had gotten in way over my head when this project began. The process of putting it together and the time aspect were beyond anything I had ever imagined. It was intimidating and overwhelming....but OH MY GOSH so worth it.....

I just had to start......I re-read the instruction manual a million times....and was fearful of doing something wrong and out of order with the worry of the whole project being ruined. I also did not believe that just glue was going to hold this large wooden house together. I had to get over the fear and ignore the idea of it all not working. So I just went for it, I did some design/room planning and some colour placement before I started construction for where I wanted all my little design touches to go. Once the plan was set...the gluing commenced and surprisingly enough....the steps just flowed together and it slowly (i mean slowly) all came together.

This Dollhouse has to be one of the most challenging, most exciting, most rewarding projects I have ever worked on. The feeling of accomplishment when this was finally finished made me feel so excited and so proud. When my daughter saw it Christmas Morning for the first time, the look on her little face made all the hours worth it. I proved to myself that hard stuff can be done...you will honestly surprise yourself with what you can accomplish..and i truly believe you just need to put fear and worry aside and just "create"...cause it wall always be worth it.

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